resume experience/education sequence

any advice would be appreciated on what the preferred resume sequence should be - i attended full-time mba program after working a few years, then worked afterwards. is it better to have the more relevant and recent experience at the top, even though experience and education won’t be grouped together? or should i group all experience, then all education together. post mba work experience (2005-present) mba education (2003-2005) pre-mba work experience (2000-2003) undergrad education versus… post mba work experience (2005-present) pre-mba work experience (2000-2003) mba education (2003-2005) undergrad education versus… am i over thinking this?

I’ve never seen a resume that didn’t have separate experience and education sections No one uses the chronological life story in choice one.

Version 2: People want to know if you went to a reputable school, how you did, and how long ago it was (sometimes people use it to make an estimate of your age, since you are not supposed to put your DOB on your resume, at least in the US). People want to know what kinds of work you’ve done, what roles you’ve been in, etc… Part of this is to see if you have done things that require the skills that are needed in the job and whether what you are being considered for is a logical next step for you. It is also useful for figuring out what kind of organizational environments you’ve been in, and may give some idea about how much experience you have working for a boss, being part of a team, supervising people, handling office politics and the basic tasks of getting things done in an organization. Given that these are the things that people are looking for on the resume, there is no need to put the stuff in chronological order; people can figure it out for themselves if necessary. You may want a summary section that lists the parts of the resume you most want to highlight using bullet points. That way you can tell the reader - look at this part, it’s relevant to this position, etc.

i would put education first, then experience … but that’s my own opinion EDUCATION Graduate: MBA Undergraduate: ??? CFA EXPERIENCE (chronological)