Resume Format

Hi all. Updating my resume for the first time since school. Would anyone be so kind as to forward me theirs? I’m having trouble deciding on formats. Feel free to give yourself a 4.1 GPA with super-ultra-mega high honors. Thanks

Look for the wharton MBA resume file, theres alot of great examples there. Someone on here should have it.

couple resumes of note: pg 9: “golf handicap of 12” ??? pg 14: “starting an internet company” … “boating, scuba, and hunting licensed” I wonder if I should put my concealed pistol license on my resume? I also dont think pg 14 refers to the CFA correctly.

Pg. 23 at bottom… He/She is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Nice. Good to know functional intelligence is not required at Tuck. Wonder if they have any Chartered Professional Accountants.