Resume formatting

Everytime a company asks me to paste my resume into a text box on their websites, it comes out with lines off-center. Its still readable, but obviously doesn’t look as nice as the PDF version. Is it okay that the resume doesn’t look perfect in the text box, or is there something else I can do? Thanks!

they’re prolly just keyword scanning, so as long as it’s in English you’re ok.

Try to copy that resume into textbox first and then paste. If you directly copy from word, then it will get screwed in formatting.

Copy and paste into notepad first, reformat to fix any alignment problems, save the notepad file for future use. There you go, No more reformatting problem when copying and pasting into text boxes!!!

Thanks everyone, this is really helpful!

I hate those boxes. You go through all that trouble to make your resume look perfect, and you just end up cutting and pasting it anyway. The content of a resume is clearly very important, but how you package it should count for something. For example, I recently saw a fairly impressive resume (content wise) but the layout was just OK, the paper was cheap and it looked like it was printed on a dot matrix printer.