resume help...again

Any suggestions on how to spin an employee stint I had years ago where all I did was train to be an advisor. I basically used them so I could obtain my licenses. Never had a client. Any help is appreciated.

Be upfront, but not honest. Just say you trained and realized in training that the career path wasn’t for you.

Just in a bullet point? Something like… -Trained and devoloped skill in: Sales, marketing, financial knowledge and establishing and maintaining succesful business relationships. Also do you think it looks better to seperate out the licenses I have or just put Series 7/66/24/86? Thanks again

Would that work?

yes - try to expand the bullet points so they explain more by adding key words and HR lingo. ex. Increased inter-departmental efficiencies by identifying and reducing redundancies across business lines. answer questions that people might ask: what kind of financial knowledge? how much sales and what type of marketing? what scope? its fine to simply list the series…

Was it one of those positions where you cold call a ton of people all day and try to get people on the line, then as soon as they get on, you hand the phone to someone who is licensed. And in return, the firm sponsor’s your Series exams?

I absolutely disagree with the advice that has been given. Avoid HR fluff, add facts and appropriate words that associate you with the position you are aiming for. You don’t specify what it is that you are looking to do and I am guessing that you had a job with the title client adviser somewhere. I also assume you worked for a department that did have clients and you supported them in some way. Therefore, this is roughly how it should look on your cv absent more detail: Worked on client advisor team managing $$20bn assets under management marketing US large cap US equity derivative products (or whatever it was) to HNWIs & Fortune 500 pension companies. You could add other specific things that you did (managing existing clients etc).

Muddahudda Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I absolutely disagree with the advice that has > been given. Avoid HR fluff i think it depends on what the guy has done and where he’s applying. if its all general stuff there isn’t too many factual things he can list. and if he’s applying to big firms, HR peeps are the ones sifting through resumes trying to match keywords to job descriptions they’ve been handed.