Resume Length - Canadian Jobs

So I have been hearing wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo many prespectives on how long should you resume be when you are applying for a job straight out of school. A lot of people say 1 and a lot say 2. My co-op department says 2, but I don’t trust them because, finance recruitments out of my school are very low. I am not worried about the content of the resume, I am pretty good at organizing, but would just like to get a feel on what industry (Finance -IB, commercial banking etc) standards are for a new graduate. P.S. I am in an undergraduate program, with 2 years of experience in commercial banking (co-op and part time), just in case if that makes a difference. Thanks for all of your feedback in advance. I wouldn’t mind hearing the U.S. side of things either, might give me some prespective.

Straight out of school = 1 Page , nothing more.

^ thanks SalZ Sorry about the double post guys, seems as tho my computer has been doing that to me all day here, there is another thread with more comments, can someone delete this?