Resume or Informational Interview?

Say that you came across a presentation of a particular fund. It provides an in-depth look at the strategy employed and you like it a lot. At the end of the presentation is the contact information of the PM. You do other research on the fund and feel that you have a pretty good grasp of the strategy and would love an opportunity to work there. What is the best way to maximize your odds of getting a job? 1. Directly sending your CV and cover letter to the PM or 2. sending a note to the PM mentioning that you really like the strategy and would like to know if it would be possible to set up an informational interview and learn more about it? You would really like to work at this fund, but it is the strategy that you like most…so you would also be happy with getting a chance to interview with a similar fund that the PM may recommend. Thanks in advance.

Do both.

ahahah Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do both. +1. They will want to know your background before they can decide whether or not to give you an informational interview.

Any thoughts on the best way to structure the message? I typically have a cover letter stating I’m interested in opportunities and then attach a resume. Would you suggest doing the same, except that in this case the cover letter just states that I was seeking an opportunity to speak with him about his experiences?