Resume question: BS jobs

I’m refreshing my resume and I’m not sure what to do with a period of my life that ended 3 years ago. I graduated in 09, then I was an assistent tennis coach for a while, then I had a dumb contract job at a bank for a while that was not finance. In 8/10 I started doing real work in the industry, so I have 3 years of legitamite industry experience that I can fill my work experience section of my resume with. It seems like a waste of space to even mention that first year of crap work, but I’m afraid that leaving it out altogether will make it look like I was unemployed that whole time.

So I’m considering, should I leave it in my resume and only include dates and job titles, or should I just remove it? That 1 year period has to come off my resume someday. Each year it becomes more stale and out of place.

Any way you can spin that as to working on something else at the same time that would make it a bit more positive and related? Or maybe as to some other life reason (caring for a sick relative, working on school, etc)?

I would leave smth completely unrelated to finance, eg tennis coach. It adds to your diversity as a personality and shows that you are not a social retard.

However I would ditch some monkey type job in a bank.

You can have older stuff mixed in a “miscellaneous jobs” category. It shows that you can hustle when not in a corporate structure, which is often a good sign. And while it might not be relevant to *getting* an interview, it can be the impetus for interesting conversations during the interview, since the interviewer may well ask you to talk about those things, particularly if they are frightened of running out of questions to ask (which happens more often than you’d think).

Hi there! I think you have to consider emphasizing the relevant experiences more prominently. You can still include that first year but streamline it. Focus on transferable skills gained during the assistant tennis coaching and contract job without diving into extensive details. I`m new here btw. Glad to become part of community