resume question-company bought out

If you work for a company for 5 years then they get bought out how do you refer to this on a resume? for example when the wachovia/wells fargo deal closes would one just replace all instances of ‘wachovia’ with ‘wells fargo’? I have seen some instances of people put: “Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia)” but that seems kinda sloppy to me on a resume, especially as time progresses with the new combined entity and the former company name becomes less relevant. what are your thoughts? thanks in advance

Just use the new owner’s name.

Wouldn’t it be safer – since you have sections on your resume by job to list this new (same) position in the bought out company as a completely new job? as in Jan 2006 - Dec 2008 Wachovia Equity Analyst Jan 2009 to Present Wells Fargo Equity Analyst This may not be exactly how you have it laid out on your resume, but you get the idea. And Of course you might be doing the same job. But you are being honest on your resume.

I used to do it this way Programmer - O’Connor and Associates (now Swiss Bank Corp.) 1989 - 1992