resume question

In the past 18 months, my department has been bought out by a parent company, and then bought out right by another company. So technically I’ve worked for 3 different companies in this time frame - all while sitting in the same desk with the same role. I’m just wondering how to present this on a resume - listing out three employers with the same roles seems foolish, and makes it seem like i’ve been jumping in and out of jobs.

I would use the name of the current employer only.

really? I can do that? I don’t think I can say that i’ve been working there for 6 years. What about something like Company A/Company B/Company C as a heading and listing my job roles and descriptions under that heading.

Do you need to fill up space on the resume? If so you might want to break it out, particularly if you had any change in title or job responsibilities.

normally, i see them list the current company, and then in the interview you explain that XYZ, where I am at, was formerly…would this work?? it is a good question you ask

Current Company (formerly Former Company) - 2002 - present

acousticaxe514 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Current Company (formerly Former Company) - 2002 > - present Unless the current company is blue chip and the old company is boiler room, then I would leave out the latter…