resume question

Hey Guys, I just started to work on my resume, as I am planning to apply for a new job very soon. I have been in the market for about 14 months with the same company, so this could be my second professional job. while at school, I used to work for a small company as a product development assistant, basically, helping customers (walmart, disney, target, etc) select our products and then customize such products according to their needs. my question is, should I include this experience in my resume? or should I just include my current job? any ideas will be greatly appreciate it

I mean I would advise you TO include it since your work experience professionally speaking is relatively minor. It’ll give your manager and idea that you weren’t screwing around in university while your hard working parents gave you a free pass. I mean if I were reading your resume I’d certainly want to hear about these earlier roles. Suggests that you have more than simply a vague idea about reality, which is more than I can say for a lot of the jokers on this forum that’s for sure. Willy

Thanks WillyR

^^ Agreed. I worked at McDonalds as a student. I mentioned that. Challenged about why I included it (by a mocking VP), I said “I graduated top of my class AND I had a part-time job. That’s the only point; I’m not about to argue that I gained valuable skills flipping burgers.” (not that anyone actually flips burgers at McDonalds).

Yeah, I think all of us non trust fund kids all had somewhat crappy PT and even at times FT jobs. It’s part of life. Not everyone’s parents make million dollar contributions to Harvard’s endowment and go to wine party’s with hedge fund managers.

Lol…CFAHalifax…lol. Well said. Willy

Thanks for your input guys! I will take your advise and include my college experience. not sure if you read my question completely, should I list it just a work experience or should I label it “college work experience” or something like that

Early in your career the best things your resume can show are smarts plus a strong work ethic. So I’d put the job on your resume, and you might emphasize the client servicing part of it - being attentive to what the client wants, etc…

No need to indicate that it’s a “college experience”… When you put the dates you were working at that place and the dates you went to college, the employer will see the overlap.