Resume Review - Equity Research

I have been reading this forum for quite a while and have found its content to be very useful. My goal is to join a bank’s (MM, BB, or boutique) healthcare group as an associate doing equity research in the pharma sector. I have uploaded my resume as a JPEG on Imageshack. I would appreciate as much feedback as possible (the link is provided below). Please excuse the watermark. Thanks.

Just from a quick glance it would seem you need more result oriented pieces included. Most of the resume tells where you were and a little of what you did, but when I look at it I dont see much to tell HOW you did and what you provided (for employer, groups, school, etc). So I would find a way to expand by adding results. Just my initial thoughts from a 2 minute glance…

Thanks for the constructive feedback Kevinf12.

So you graduated from high school in 1998 and have almost no work experience? I think it’s going to be hard–very hard–to break into this area in 2008/2009. But you have a great academic background so you’ll probably get some interviews. Hell, I’d at least interview you if I were the boss at my firm. Well, I guess I might have some constructive advice–do whatever you can to emphasize financial knowledge you have or to emphasize your interest in finance. An objective statement might even be called for here because your resume doesn’t scream to me “equity research” or anything finance related. I had to break-in to the industry in 2007 from a state university with, well, a GPA that was mediocre at best and minimal–if any–relevant work experience. I did it through a lot (hundreds) of resume submissions with a heavy emphasis on my finance interest, courses, extra-curriculars, tests, computer ability, etc.

kkent - thanks for your reply. I am hoping that my science background will help in the pharma sector. Additionally, I have taken a fair number of finance courses at an excellent business school (while in law school) and should pass level 2 of the CFA prior to applying. Lastly, I will be spending next year doing patent work with large pharma companies - companies that I would hopefully be covering as an analyst/associate. Hopefully, all of this combined with good analytical and writing skills will get me an interview.

You know, one piece of advice I had from a CFA charterholder if you are looking into ER or AM is to wright a research report and send it with your resume. Take it for what you will, but this is a person from institutional finance that has moved into the academic arena, but still does some enowment fund management with a very large college.

kevinf12 - thanks, that sounds like a good idea.

I always send writing samples for any finance related position.