Resume Review

Take a look at my resume Any critical input is greatly appreciated.

you should mention a position you are applying for. otherwise, you are asking to check you grammar :slight_smile:

i’m looking for entry level(ish) positions in trading, banking, or asset management…

It actually looks not too bad. A couple of general suggestions: 1) Test to make sure your format can be pasted into a text document. Some employers, especially the ones that have electronic applications, recompile the resumes in text documents. You don’t want the dates, job titles, etc. to get messed up. 2) Check your grammar. The description for your first job title, “Product Manager” should say “Interfaced” instead of “Interface”. There are a couple more things like this. 3) I would put your formal education above the CFA candidate line. Despite what CFAI would like us to think, it’s not as big of a deal as where (or if) someone went to college. Education history usually goes on top of the resume, above work experience. However, if you want to leave it where it is, I don’t think it will be a huge deal. You should also list your GPA, especially since it looks like you graduated not too long ago. 4) I would put Teaching Assistant or research jobs in college under Work Experience. This might just be a matter of taste. That’s all I have. Good luck!

readytopass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Take a look at my resume > Any > critical input is greatly appreciated. may be expand/add more bullets to your production manager position, i’m sure you do more than that one bullet…other than that, i think it looks excellent.

Hello Mister Walrus, thanks for the productive input. I like the idea for testing transferability, will do. I’m not sure what you mean with the grammar issue of using the present tense of “interface” for my current position? It is grammatically incorrect? Also, I haven’t found any other grammar errors like this you describe, please point them out specifically so I can correct. noytmikcap, thanks as well. I do need to expand the Product Manager position information now as it has been a few months and I have more verbage to add. I wrote that entry right after the promotion and definitely have more to say now… Thanks guys.

It should say “Interfaces with” instead of “Interface with” since your resume is describing your actions from a third person perspective. “Development” in that same sentence should be replaced with “Developers” or some other non-abstract noun. The third bullet point should be “Created a cost allocation model” not “Created cost allocation model”. The first bullet point under the Merrill Lynch heading should be in plural form - “Asset types, holding periods and tax rates”. The last bullet point under Thompson Financial should say “an internal revenue forecast” or “internal revenue forecasts”. Either the modifier is missing or you should use the plural form.

Hello Mister Walrus, Again, thanks for the input. I agree with all of your points excluding the first. Where ever did you get the idea of referring to yourself in the third person on a resume? It sounds ludicrous. In my current role I “Interface” with…I do not interfaces with anyone or anything. Am I wrong here? Anyone else care to chime in…I know its more then just us here as I have 200+ views on my resume.

readytopass, I agree with “interface” over “interfaces.” You want to go with first person present tense, not third person. That said, probably not such a good idea to refer to Hello Mister Walrus’s feedback as “ludicrous,” considering the amount of effort he put into reviewing your resume for you.

What grades did you get in college? Seeing as how you still have very little work experience, I’d have thought that would be your most significant selling point right now. For me, education should come before work experience this early in a career and your degree should definitely rank ahead of CFA. Your internships and college activities read very well. If I was asked to comment on that CV, my biggest reservation would be that it looks as though you might be burying your GPA.

Mr Walrus, didn’t mean to come off as your feedback was ludicrous, just the sound of that sentence to me was. Hope it wasn’t taken the wrong way, as monger did. Carson, My GPA(s) Major: 3.2 Concentration: 3.5 Minor: 3.5 What do you think? Add it?

The reason I have CFA above undergrad is a matter of chronology, I wanted to stay consistent with that…

I’ve generally heard that if GPA is left off of a resume, employers assume it’s because it’s low. Doesn’t appear that you have anything to be ashamed about in regards to your GPA, I’d probably put it on, maybe only overall GPA though. I agree with Carson - early in your career, you want to put your Education section first, then Professional experience. And it also seems out of place to put CFA above college, regardless of timeline.

I would suggest adding a PROFILE SUMMARY in the beginning. Its should highlight the number of years of experience, your expertise (investment banking, PE, PM etc). You also should emphasize area in finance you want to pursue your career in. You may summarize your professional achievements, personal traits that enable you to achieve success in your career. You should also list the technology tools, financial models etc that you are expertise in. Keep all this before the section “PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE”

I think this has been discussed in the past, and my view is that CFA is not part of education, I would list it in some credential-ish section at the end of the resume, the place you would put CPA, Series 7, etc.

Super, I agree, however in the interest of space I put it with Education. As I really don’t have anything else to put into a section of such sorts, I decided to lump it in there. How out of place is it in education?

I agree with Carson. Since this is entry level, you need to put education at the top as well as your GPA. They will assume it is relatively low if you choose to remove it. Later in your career the GPA is not important. Put your college education info above the CFA. Also, remember to put any graduation honors (e.g., cum laude, magna cum laude, dean’s list, etc.). Finally, you may want to put your objective because looking at your experience, employers may be confused with what you really want to do. Technical Expertise: remove Microsoft Office and Access (access is part of Office, no?); that is a given. Operating systerms: leave out completely, in my opinion