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Comments/suggestions on improving my resume? Just passed my CFA Level 3 and i wanted to know the different routes i can take to work as a research analyst in a fund, and which cities/countries would i have more of a chance in? I stay and work in Dubai and i don’t have a work permit for anywhere else (except India) Any help is really appreciated Thanks

I’d leave out the charter pending part. Write about achievements rather than responsibilities, career objective sentence doesn’t grab my attention. Just my two cents, I’m in a similar situation to yourself including the visa problems…

Pretty sure charter pending is a violation? Just say “Passed level 3 CFA”

I don’t believe charter pending is an allowable status.

Agree with above. Just wait 2 more weeks, people will see passed L3 and KNOW already

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I wasn’t sure on the charter pending status, so i’ve removed it. I’ve added some achievements, put in my actual revenue numbers, growth in the number of clients, % growth in revenue, some projects i worked on, etc

Althought i am trying to make the CV as marketable as possible, i really don’t understand how any of my work ex matters if i am trying to make a move from FX sales to research analyst position in a fund. I really have run short of ideas on what could be the possible route. One fine day i might feel frustrated, quit my job and fly to wallstreet or london! Sitting here isin’t doing any good anyway! If you guys have any better idea let me know

i would do whatever u need to do to update the link because CFAI monitors these boards and ur link is still showing charter pending…

kunalcfa, I run a small business where I advise clients on how to get into equity research (or private equity and hedge funds, for that matter), largely leveraging my own work experience in these areas. I couldn’t see the resume you posted on that website, by the way.

If you or others are interested in learning more about my career advisory services, please drop me an e-mail at

My new updated resume


Maybe try rearranging or changing the text on the career items so that the job titles stand out instead of the bank name (which is the same for all). Recruiters will spend like 10 seconds reading each resume.

Making headlines stand out is crucial. As the above poster mentioned, recruiters barely spend 10 seconds on a resume. If it doesn’t catch the eye immediately, it will be tossed to the side.