Resume Standards

I’ve noticed quite a few resumes posted on this site from US based AF’ers that are only 1 page long. Is that the standard length of a CV in the U.S. ?

My CV is 2 pages, and with more experience I’ll probably let it spill over to 3 pages.

Is this is a no-no in the U.S.? (i.e. it HAS to be only 1 page or it goes in the bin).

I’ve also seen resumes from people from eastern europe/russia that are like 9 pages long. Way too long, but maybe that’s normal over there.

What’s the etiquette in your country for CVs?

Also, CVs I’ve always seen in the UK and Australia had high school final exam results on them (i.e. GCSE, A-levels, etc). Therefore, as a comparable, I have my SAT scores (went to HS and Uni in US) on my CV even though I’m 35 with 10 years in the industry. What’s the standard on this in your country? Do you just drop this after being in the industry for a few years?

I have a section for Hobbies as well, languages I speak, Residency status, IT Skills, as well as the usual work experience and education sections.

You don’t need your SAT scores since you’re pretty far out of college, and the fact that you have 10 years in the industry doesn’t mean your resume needs to be over one page – in fact, I would argue that candidates as experienced as yourself should have a better sense of what to omit from the resume and what to leave on. This is why at least in the U.S., your resume ends up getting weeded out if it’s over a page – it just shows to me that the candidate doesn’t really know how to prioritize.

I’ve been out of university 7-10 years by myself and my resume fits well within one page with 10-point font and 0.75" margins.

Thanks Numi. So you’re saying it’s a No-No in the U.S. and might get binned if it’s over 1 page?

I’m no expert on CVs, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CV on 1 page in the UK or Australia, so a 1 pager would look kinda weird to me if it landed on my desk. I’d probably think “uh, so who is this kid with his little baby resume?”. It’s just different everywhere you go I guess.


Rule of thumb is 1 page for every 10 years of experience.

^ this