Resume wording

I sold my L1 books, and am waiting for L2 but when putting that I am a level 2 candidate on my resume, what would be the best way to word it…currently I have CFA Level II Candidate -Passed CFA Level I exam, June 2007 Thanks

I passed L1 but am unable to register for L2 since I have not graduated. I wrote: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program Candidate Passed Level 1 June 2007 Received high marks in seven out of nine categories This was looked over by my connection at MS who is a VP and CFP. He noted to to put the “high marks part.” I didn’t know if I should or not. Originally I did not put that line there.

tsk tsk. I think it’s a no-no on the “high marks” addition.

i think the high marks comment comes across as trying to make too much of the exam. It’s just L1, after all. It tells them that you know some basics and can do reasonably well under test conditions, but it’s not like reporting a GPA, which at least records the result of years of work. If you had the top category in *all* areas, maybe that would warrant a line, but most people who pass are going to need >70% in most of the topic areas. Congratulations, but I wouldn’t put it on the resume; it feels a little like “reaching” for qualifications and casts doubt on the value of your other accomplishments, because maybe there was reaching going on there too.

Haha, thats how I felt as I left it off originally. Its basically the reason why the CFAI does the scoring with this system. But, I followed his advice. If asked about it or I get some kind of weird remark it’ll be gone.

I say nix the “high marks” things. If I saw that on a resume it would annoy me, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get dinged. All that matters with the cfa is whether or not you passed.

Changed. Thank you for your input guys. Hopefully I don’t get dinged for it. This is what this board is for.