Resume Writing

If you worked in the same dept and company but were at a jr role and then a sr role are we suppose to break that out on a resume as to seperate responsibilites/job or just go with the sr role? Anyone have any good sites from resume building? -Thanks.

I was under the impression a resume is for the purpose of getting you a job, and to make you look like the best candidate possible. so alter it in ways that make you look better, who cares about standards. if it was your own experience, i would put on heading for the company and dept, and sub heading for each of your roles, and time of employment if it looks good as in you were able to move up relatively faster.

Your heading for the position should be your last one held. And in the first line you should say that you did XYZ with excellence etc and were promoted to Sr. Gorilla etc. Thats what i did on my resume and it has worked.

I’d do something like: XYZ Capital; Boystown, Chicago Sr. Gorilla (dates, left justified) * (Something like 1moreQ said about getting promoted, but be careful with the “excellence, etc” because it could be a little too much fluff if unsubstantiated.) *bullet 2 etc… Sr. Gorilla (dates, left justified) *more bullets…