Is it acceptable not to include all my educational background because it is not needed for the job I am applying for (i.e. CFA)? or Should I say if it is ok? I just need a job and gain other types of experiences…

This is totally fine, but why would you want to exclude your educational background? I guess if it really weren’t value-add - for example, things like a short educational stint at a community college, a job where you were at for a very short period of time, or something that really doesn’t matter – then I would exclude it. There are certainly instances where I have advised clients to exclude things on their resume if it doesn’t add anything to their overall candidate “story.” Otherwise, I would include anything that you think would be relevant to the job you’re trying to attain.

Hi, Thank you. I do not want to include my other educational background (i.e. MBA) because it would make me really overqualified for the position. I am just not too sure how it would work out if I stay there for a long time and they find out. I wonder how would they react. I plan to tell them that it was not applicable for the job position. Do you help people write resumes? Do you have a website and a company name? I would really need help on revising my resume and some career advisor services but not right now. Regards.

Why not now? IMO, sooner is better than later…

wouldnt you have a gap in your employment history without including ur MBA?

SuperiorReturn Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wouldnt you have a gap in your employment history > without including ur MBA? What if it were UofP?? But then he wouldn’t be overqualified for sure

^ under qualified