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Every year at this time, the question of retabulation comes up. It’s just $100 and maybe there was an addition error on the exam. Retabulation is not regrading. The grades are written by the graders on the book, the work is checked by someone hired to check that the proper grade was trascribed on the back of the booklet. Random books are checked for grading accuracy, which of course includes tabulation. The scores are then typed into a computer, checked again, and then the final score is established. The tests are then looked at again by senior graders who check everything again. It’s very hard to believe that retabulation will change anything. All that happens on retabulation is that someone looks at all the scores and makes sure the already multiple checked transcribing was done correctly. There are a bunch of college students that check the transcribing the first time. If they find a transcribing error, the grader who did it and his/her supervisor is informed that they made an error. The error is then reported to the whole group grading that question (without the grader’s name). Out of thousands and thousands of tests, this happens only half a dozen times or so per question. This is an error that is caught and would not be affected by retabulation. I’ll bet that very, very few people have ever gotten anything out of retabulation. I think CFAI just offers it to stop people from griping. In any event, the passing grade on this exam was something like a 58% (if you believe the posts here). Finance is a take-no-prisoners competitive exercise. I can’t believe that there are all these people who think they want to join the “elite” with a 58% on a pretty easy exam. This seems pretty slovenly and cheap to me. JoeyDVivre

Why doesn’t the idea of re-tabulation make sense to me ? The answer sheets are scanned for answers, where could machine go wrong ? Does the scanning machine miss bubbles if not filled properly…

I think it’s a hanging chad issue really. In fact, many people aren’t aware of this, but Al Gore failed Level 1 and kept complaining to AIMR (this was a while ago) that there must have been a mistake with the answer sheets. He boldly called for a retabulation of scores for only a few of the questions, but only for the ones he knew he should have answered correctly. (The others didn’t matter he said). As a result, Gore’s bitching won him a recount…I mean retabulation in which he still failed anyway. Although he never did pass Level 1, his dreams of becoming an analyst never faded. He founded ManBearPig Capital in 1987, not long after the infamous crash.


Al Gore losing that election was probably the worst thing to happen (to the world… at least Iraq, not so sure about America)

lets not go there

Darius-I Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Al Gore losing that election was probably the > worst thing to happen (to the world… at least > Iraq, not so sure about America) At least he stopped ManBearPig

I wonder if Joey types up these tidbits of information every year, or if he has a folder of archives on his computer? In any event you’re welcome Joey. I found this and posted it so you wouldn’t have to write an answer to the 100+ variations of “Should I spend $100…?”

Maybe he should have retabulated the election results.

You know - there could be hanging chads on your exam. Edit: That’s a pretty harsh post - I must have been pi$$ed off about something when I wrote it.