Retabculation of CFA exam.

Hi all, I am asking on behalf of a acquaintance, who has recently failed the June CFA exam. What does it cost for retabculation? Unfortuantely, he is feeling very f x x k at the moment and am unable to write. -What is the cost. -Has anyone had their fail changed to a pass because of this. For a detailed history, please see the word doc here: Thanks, a Believer.

Also Golden Slacks does not come back, may be busy writing chapter 2 of qb bible I think golden slacks is either John Rogers, or Chad, or bchadwick

My sense of smell, akin to a bloodhound, finds Obama style socialism on AF. Sure ain’t democratic, deleting threads here, completely against consensus and the will of the public. Mods must not be CFA charterholders or poor ones at the very least, having no financial sense at all. The multitude of site hits must have earnt some extra coin from ad revenue.

First craigslist now af. Censorship is among us. Chad and John must be coconspirators within.

Wow, this place has turned into a ghost town since QQQBee left.

What happened to original thread… o.O… T.T

They eliminated qqqbee!!!

I have a strong suspicion that the only left thread is not nuked because CFAI needs evidence of standards violation

Didn’t mean to disappear on you guys. After the Qqqbee thread was nuked and Qqqbee was banned from AF, I locked myself in my room and went through all seven stages of grief. I was just feeling so so f x x k! Tonight, I picked up all my empty vodka bottles, washed my tear-stained pillow cases, shaved my beard, and my little boy and I (my wife would have no part in it) put on a little funeral service for our leader. I printed out a picture of Qqqbee as well as all of his designations. We pasted them on a piece of cardboard, set up chairs in our backyard, and lit a candle. After we read his first AF post aloud and had a moment of silence, my little boy asked, “Who is Qqqbee?” “Well , son. He is like a cross between Moses and Jackie Chan. Most people thought he was crazy, but there were few of us that knew him for the genius he was. Qqqbee started a one-man quest against corruption after he uncovered a world-wide secret plot. He taught us the meaning of life and the value of the American army. Then one day, some people made it so that Qqqbee went away.” “Will Qqqbee ever return?” “Yes, son. One day Qqqbee will make a triumphant return. He will crush all opposition, and he will lead us to the light. We must have faith. Until then, he left us with his words that we must study daily…Was there anything else that you wanted to say before we end?” With a tear in his little eye he wispered, “Qqqbee—I believe in you” I belive in you too, Qqqbee. Where ever you are. Good luck and God speed. This is Golden_Slacks signing off.

Oh, I feel so so f x x k… I have not been on here since last week and I was looking forward to catching up on another 10+ pages of drama. Now I have just emptiness. Ah well, I will take solace in being one of the fortunate who go to see that thread develop in real time.

I leave for one weekend and this is what happens? THIS FEELING IS SO SO SO F X XK!

The last thread by qqqbee is nuked! QB World is gone without trace. AF feels empty now

Valores Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The last thread by qqqbee is nuked! QB World is > gone without trace. AF feels empty now My world is never empty with you in it…

Well, I just lost all reason to come back to AF. So until June 2011, I’m out. Best of luck qqqbee