Retabulation results

Old E was some nasty stuff … We used to play edward forty hands with Mickey’s … made for some good times … Too bad not all of them were remembered! Ohh to good old college days … where did you go mzwerner?

University of Michigan…we basically “lived” at this bar called Ricks…oh the mermories. I wish I was still in school :frowning: beer pong and flip cup anyone? daviskr where did you go?

Old E…the sacrament.

Miami University (the one in Ohio) … we used to host the beer olympics every year … beer pong, flip cup, quarters, caps, and the last round was a game of power hour. Go Big Blue!!! I still live in Ohio now, but did not grow up here. Most people I know are die hard Ohio State fans. They drive me nuts! So every year I wear a Michigan shirt to the big game just to piss them off …

rakesh07 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Lumiere_1979…i just got that dreaded e-mail. I > guess I need to sign up for L2 2009 now… We’ll get em this year rakesh!

deep did you get the same email?

daviskr good to hear that your a Mich fan. Although we do play ya’ll this year 2nd game.

I instead went for $10, 10 day meal at Nanking to put my 100 bucks at better use.

I’ll crush anyone here @ flipcup: there is a spot on upper east side if you want to jam next time I am in the city.

which bar would you be referring too.

brother jimmy’s perhaps?