Retabulation results

Does anyone know approximately how long the retabulation process takes? It says 30-60 days on the website but I have heard its much quicker. I sent mine in on the day of the results itself. Anyone else trying their luck with it?

I am, not holding my breath - I just need the damn closure for being so close yet so far.

Let me know how your retabs pan out. I’ve always been curious if they have ever worked/resulted in a pass. Were both of you ban 10’s?

Is there any last date for that? I mean if one of you guys pass after retabulate, I will also like to send my score too.

daviskr, I was in the level 10 band cfabostion28, you have 30 days from when results came out to send in your request for retab. Since it takes 30 - 60 days for them to give the result of the retab, it might be too late. I will post what happened to my request as soon as I get it.

sent mine for the retab also, band 10, just need to sleep abit easier

Yes I was a band 10…I will post my results as soon as i get it.

Actually this new band thing may be a gimmick to boost retabulation revenues.

yeah thats true…but who knows…i think its still worth the 100 buks.

Guys, its a multiple choice exam with a scantron. There aint no hanging chads here. Did any of you ask for SAT retabs becuase you thought you’d done better?

It will take 3-4 wks at most. You’ll get an email that says: As requested, your June 2008 CFA® examination was manually retabulated to ensure that no errors were made in the scoring of your examination. Your answer sheets were verified by candidate number and name. Your marked answers were compared to the answer key and your score was compared to your score in the CFA Institute computer database. No errors were found and your original score remains unchanged.

Lumiere_1979…i just got that dreaded e-mail. I guess I need to sign up for L2 2009 now…

rakesh07 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Lumiere_1979…i just got that dreaded e-mail. I > guess I need to sign up for L2 2009 now… to sleep I pound 2 natty lights while I read up on the asia markets. I sleep like a baby – wake up every 2 hours and cry!

what are nattys? where do you live daj?

daj, it seems that in almost every post you talk about at least one of the following: pounding or crushing natty lights making it rain in the clubs you doing some sort of work/reading on markets e.g. doing excel models on lbo debt, reading up on asian markets, etc. why is that?

natty light = natural light beer. A cheep beer that I drank allot of in college. pounding / crushing = drinking said beer rapidly often repeated again and again.

Sorry to hear it rakesh07 … best of luck to us for L2 09 … when do you plan on jumping back on the study bandwagon? Storko - just so you can improve your cheap beer knowledge - If Daj refers to “the beast” next, he means Milwaukee’s Best …

we used t ask ppl what flavors of the beast they wanted red can = strawberry, blue can = blueberry (note its the same shitty beer in either can, for soem reason they had two colors, and no they aren’t flavored. Daj may also refer to shotgunning a beer (hint you don’t shot anything)

What about Mad Dog 20/20, Boones Farm or some Colt 45? Can’t forget those quality beverages!

oh yeah I rememeber those as well… What about Old’ E