Quick question - Of course, I plan on crushing the exam on June 5th, so this won’t be an issue, but has anybody ever heard of a successful retabulation? It seems to me that people feel that it’s a $100 flushed down the toliet. It’s not a regrade, but rather just a recount and really meant to shut-up some groups of people.

Ive never heard of it being successful… my speculation is they dont even recalc anything and just pocket your $100…

I think there was one L3 that was redone years ago (maybe 4-6) that was turned over. That was from AF discussions years ago. That’s the only one that I’ve ever heard of.

probably the best $100 that guy ever spent

I may be full of crap too. Here is a link of people discussing.,598674,598700#msg-598700

Thanks - I do remember the 3% that passed after first being told of their failure. If memory serves me correct, CFAI waived their LII exam fees or maybe they were allowed to take the exam the following June for free. I believe it affected just German test takers. This was a Dec exam, and they told the people in like early to mid Feb that they had passed LI. So candidates had <4 months to prep for LII.