As anybody heard of a test taker requesting his/her exam get remarked and had the decision actually be reversed? Not that I’m planning to, but just curious.

Exuding confidence aren’t you?? I have never heard of any candidate having their score changed due to a retabulation. I’ve seen quite a few people on AF have their results retabulated to no avail. Apparently the CFAI’s grading process is pretty thorough.

ahahha, not confident in passing, but personally I feel it’s a waste of money and time as I’m confident IN the CFAI’s marking accuracy. again, just curious if it happened.

I had a co-worker who did that for his Level 1 about 5 years ago. It was his 2nd attempt and was about to give up. He requested for retabulation and succeed.

I’ve never heard of a successful one

One reason you might want to retab is if you get a Band 9 or 10 and know you had 2-3 questions that you erased and changed to something different. If you didn’t erase well enough, the scantron may have potentially misread that answer. If someone out there has insight into scantrons, please let us how susceptible they are to misreading answers. I don’t know whether it was my eraser or the exam paper itself, but I changed two answers and couldn’t seem to 100% erase my first choice, no matter how hard I tried. There remained this very light shade of black, which kind of unnerved me. This got me wondering just how sensitive those scantrons are - not all answer sheets are graded by hand. Don’t mean to get everyone paranoid by bringing this up, but it was something I thought about immediately after the exam. Every point counts and I would hate to think that it was some technical error that kept me from passing.

i had the same problem during the exam this time. it was really hard to erase the mark completely. i had two kinds of erasers and none of them worked well. cfai should look into the type of paper they are using.

as dapoopa said its only worth it if you were a borderline fail and had to erase a few answers and weren’t sure if you erase properly Otherwise its a scantron guys, they will simply reinsert in the machine and your score wont change I did not erase a single answer and made sure what I filled in was my final answer/guess. So if I fail band 10, I know it wasn’t their grading, it was just me not studying hard enough

yeh same thing with me about 6 questions in total where i changed the answers but could not completely erase the original answer slight shade of black left i really hope that doesnt effect our score…:frowning:

actually if you people have been on the board for many seasons, you will notice not one person who was on the border and tried to retab got through. in fact it is more the opposite. you have a better chance at a successful retab if you thought you did well and the scores were way off. that signals a real issue. the cfai grading is very good. the machines are accurate and will recognize your changes

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