I failed with a Band 9 mainly due to a weak AM paper, which really surprised me.

Firstly, am I correct in saying that the order of the topic results is supposed to match that of the order of the questions in the exam? if so, I really do not understand how I scored so poorly in the first question when I thought I had absolutely nailed it. secondly, on other questions where i had not even completed the question nor felt confident about my answers I achieved maximum points.

I really felt that my AM paper was super strong and the PM paper average. However, i did badly in the AM paper and averagely (as predicted) in the PM paper.

I also feel that for consistency purposes, the essay portion should be done away with and MCQ’s used for both sessions. The essay questions bring subjectivity into the equation which is not a good thing. I know a certain level of moderation is performed but I dont believe that everyones papers are moderated.

My question is, would it be worth having my exam retabulated or is the poor AM result just due to really bad essay technique perhaps? Should I retabluate, even if it merely provides peace-of-mind as your mind does start playing tricks on you, “maybe the marker missed a template, or didnt count a template section” etc.?

I would really appreciate anyones views on this and some experiences of retabulation would be interesting to hear.


We are about on the same boat. But based on what I head in AF, as well as CFAI’s process on retabulation, they’ll only readd your score to see if the sum is correct, but will not re-grade your paper.

Correct, but they will manually go through your answers to see that they have all been graded and added correctly. They will not, as you say, regrade answers which have been graded.

My concern is more around the marker jumping around from template to line paper to another template when marking and adding marks. I just feel, as a marker you are going through many papers, trying to get them done as soon as possible, and that adding errors or missing sections is possible.

Am i being too hopefuly and emotional around this perhaps?

All my plans for next year are being screw with me failing, but I cant tell if you are too emotional or not. Just bear in mind 2 things:

  1. They do not require a months of grading so that the grader can just do their job as quick as possible

  2. Statistically speaking, no one has ever changed a fail to a pass via retabulation

HI, I experienced the same thing. I’m anyways gonna get my paper retabulated no matter what. Even if there’s a miniscule chance of a change in my results, I really don’t mind spending 100 dollars for that. Just go for the retabulation but don’t keep any hopes.

To be honest, I don’t think any of that is going to change the result. The best thing is accept the consequence, whether you agree/disagree and start studying again. Otherwise, emotionally, you’ll be overwhelmed. Just try to forget the past and concentrate again. I will try to do the same things, but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to. It’s really disappointing to fail after all the things I’ve been through. But thinking more about it just makes me feel worse and worse.