Retaining Almost nothing

I am not sure how everyone is scoring in the 80s, I can seem to retain anything and I have gone thru alot of the material twice!!! Just seems like educated guessing at this point…

I know it can feel that way but going through the material twice is just not enough. Here is how I have done it 1 read all CFAI material and answer most EOC questions (create flash cards as you go) 2. Read all notes Schweser (more flash cards created) 3. Watch Schweser video lectures 4. Go through CFAI material and notes and create an outline of the material 5. Flash cards constantly…all day. I do them while waiting to log onto my work network, if I am waiting for something that will take a min or two and even go through them in my head when I do not have the physical cards 6. go back and do all EOC and use Qbank to generate problems by each reading. Keep doing this until you get 80% or better then move on to the next reading 7. Every few readings use Qbank to put together cumulative question test 8. Keep a sheet of topics you need to study based on test results 9. Every few days go back and pick a study topic from your sheet and study it till you nail it 10. Once you are through all the readings using 6 above start doing cumulative tests over and over and over and over and over and over and over 11. Keep doing flash cards all the time and mix them up (by reading) so you are able to jump around in topic areas 12 take mock exams 13 pass test on Sat.

thecodont: how many q-bank questions have you done? how many do you think you will do by exam day? thx

Do not know how many I have done because I delete the exams as I move on to the next topic but I would guess maybe 800 or more. By d day I would like to have answered all 4K available in Qbank plus 2 practice exams plus a mock. Doubt I will make it since that would be like 300 questions a day but that’s my goal. But I also do EOC questions and notes questions too I am basically on #10 in my list…a bit behind where I wanted to be. Prob take mocks next week.

how many flash cards do you have? do you use any written notes or formula sheets? im just finishing up my 2nd run through EOC. hoping to take EOC mocks by end of next week.

Not sure on number of flash cards. I bought two staples 5 pack and I think they had 100 in each pack. I have used a bit over 1 5 pack so that would be around 600 cards…but my 15 month old son trampled a few so its probably less… plus I have some duplicates. Yes to written notes see item 4 above.