Retaining Info

Just curious; but how are you guys retaining all this information? I am using the Study notes from Schweser and I am using the CFA text to compliment it. I have no clue how I am going to retain all this information; so I think I will go throught the Schwese notes and then take there practice Exam. I plan on following that up with Study with the CFA text and taking their practice exams. I geuss I am counting on the repetitive factor working out for me! Any hints/ideas for me

don’t worry about retention. Focus on understanding concepts and connecting them with other topics to see the big picture. Then doing lots of Q-bank questions will help with retention.

agree, its all about the practice questions…do as many as you can

I plan on doing all practice questions and sample exams the last 5-6 weeks of studying and then going back through my problem areas with the CFA text. I think that should allow me a great shot at passing in June. I hope!

Would you say that the FSA is probably going to be the hardest portion to learn/study? It just seems extremely long.

FSA is definitely the hardest section. The actual exam is conceptual, try to understand relationships. When I started reading FSA it seemed overwhelming, I felt very comfortable right before the exam in December because of talking to others on AF and doing lots of Q-bank questions.

I think it helps to reread things from time to time. For example, I have already finished econ, but I read my own notes while I work out at gym, etc… If you do not reread anything till you start with QBank, you may forget a lot of things… That is my point of view…

One of the key hints I would give with FSA is to ensure you understand how changes in certain accounting assumptions effect the financial ratios, so for example they will ask you how capitalizing vs expensing will effect a certain ratio etc. So if you can understand the reltationships between the changes made and the ratios that will help alot. This is a lot easier if you truly understand the concept vs straight memorization. If you can kill accounting it will ceratinly put you in a strong postion.

I started my studying with FSA. I feel like I am lagging a bit behind because this portion is so overwhelming. I am hoping this is the hardest part to learn and study. We’ll see.

I too am feeling like I am forgetting past sessions already - and I am only on SS 11. I did a 60 question quiz on Sunday of all sessions from 1-10, and only got 68%. The Economics killed me - And I just studied that before FSA!!! Uggh!

ElleJay: Dude (or dudette, whatever)- I only scored above 70% on one…maybe two…of the six 120 question schweser practice exams back in November. I passed Level 1 in December easily - didn’t score less than 50% in any session (>70% on FSA ). I also didn’t even start studying until late August (equivalent to late Feb. now) granted I was and still am only working 50 hours a week (some people who are studying now are putting in well over 50 hours per week at work). Quit you’re worrying - I can almost guarantee a pass for you.

Just to let you know, nobody is going to retain all the material by the time they have read through all the books. It’s called practice, practice, and more practice questions in May - and learn from your mistakes!

Thanks Jalmy - that is encouraging!! I had gotten over 70% in all the other 60 question exams…although over all on the Q bank I think I am at 72%… I only work 40-45 hrs a week - but have 3 kids (1 being a toddler) so I started studying back in November, as time management for me is key! I am hoping to be finished all of the curriculum by mid April, and start taking the CFAI exams at that point! I have already told my husband - the kids are his for all May!!

Same boat here. I am finishing all the scwheser readings by the end of March. I will use the rest of the time to take the practice exams and use the CFA text to study more. I hope that is a good plan. I too am slammed outside of the CFA; a job which luckily I only work 40 hours a week at now, but also am taking a class for my Masters and have a pregnant wife…i totally understand the concept of time management. i cant get behind; might not recover!

jaw8y6 I feel your pain. My wife is pregnant with our first as well and work the 40 hour week. I should be done reading by mid March hopefully. Then it’s practice practice practice.

Looks like most of us are aiming at similar targets… I am hoping to finish initial reading by March end and then, two months of practice, practice…

I take notes while I read. Someone else on this site mentioned how they tracked their progress using Excel. I’ve begun doing this also. It’s gives a visual of how well or poorly one might be doing. It also shows me areas where I need to focus more.

I usually do practice questions from Stalla PassMaster right after I am done with the reading, which I think helps me better understand and retain the vague concepts. I only do half of the questions (every other one). This way I have some questions left to practice in May

I totally agree w/Jalmy. I didn’t score above 70% on any of the Schweser practice exams, but scored above 70% on 6 of the 9 sections of the 12/07 exam and passed easily. Schweser Q-bank was a good friend of mine though. At work, if you get a little down time or over lunch, answer practice questions. You may not think such short bursts are worthwhile, but the info seeps into your subconscious through repetition. Also, I only used the CFA curriculum for the Ethics portion. Schweser can guide you the rest of the way.

Thanks for that last piece of advice - doing qbank at work, plus the other person’s post about focusing on how changes of accounting affect ratio’s - 2 good tips. this is a great forum. Although I’m just amazed at how much more studying you people are doing than I am. I better hit the books instead of spending my time on AF.