Retaining knowledge for next year

Anyone going to try to retain their base of level II knowledge in case of failure or to help with level III? I’m thinking about running through my notes and maybe half a mock on a periodic basis, like once a week or something, just so I don’t forget everything.

You won’t forget it. Once you look at it again you will remember it. Don’t waste your time looking at stuff now. Enjoy life!

I’m going to rewrite my notes all summer… j/k :slight_smile: just relax, don’t so anything till you get your score, except for reading financial newsprint like the Wall St, etc.

I think it’s a good idea to keep the material fresh in your mind. However, do enjoy your summer!

Some of my friends (L3 candidates) were telling me that retaining of L2 concepts helped them in covering the L3 syllabus at a faster pace.

But did they do anything special to retain the concept ?

Don’t do that, very bad idea. Like someone above said, you’ll take much less time to pick it back up if you were unfortunate enough to have failed. Enjoy your freedom now - get your sanity back.

Why would you do that? The next exam is a year away. You will burn yourself out doing something like that. Take some time off…you won’t forget as much as you think.

They went through important areas of CFA L1 and L2 curriculum just before starting the preparations for L3. They went through the secret sauce book provided by Schweser for L1 and L2 and that helped them a lot in picking up a good speed for L3.

Take a rest my friend ! Have a beer and forget about CFA until you receive the exam results and you receive the material for the next one.