Retake Level1?

Should I retake it in June or December this year?

I’d say take it in June. The material is still fresh in your mind and when you pass in June you’ll have all the more time to study for Level 2 in June '10.

June. Think it would be much more difficult to get motivated again for December, after a few months off.

Don’t you guys think the material will change for this June exam ? and what help will retakers have ? i guess its like starting all over once again …i am a retaker too (band 9 )

Just a question on the side, what do those different band number mean? And to answer your question, I believe it’s better to retake in June. It’s true the material’s change a bit, but the fundamentals are still the same. I think the challenge here would be to get hold of the most up to date sample exam questions.

the material changes, but it is usually pretty small changes. the core stuff is the same. check the los’s on cfa’s website and compare to last year.