Retaker 2015/16

Retakers: please specify if 2015 was your first attempt and if you are going to take the test in the future. Would you give up after the 3rd attempt? 4th attempt? Never? :slight_smile:

2nd attempt. Would be very disappointed if I failed this time. I will leave till tomorrow night to decided.

3rd attempt. I really should pass this time. Even though I will never give up, I think it’s been enough times now.

2nd attempt. Felt better than the first try leaving the exam hall… well be very disappointed if i dont cross the line this time…would take incredible efforts to gather up and try a third time

2nd attempt. I won’t give up, but I will be seriously bummed if I fail this time around. I felt great in the morning, but thought the afternoon was harder than I hoped. Struggled on some of the derivatives. Anyway, for now still hopeful to finish the deed tomorrow.

Third attempt. Hope to pass but think I’m borderline (band 10 last year). Unlikely that I will take the exam as seriously again. I will continue to take the exam but will not dedicate much time studying the material as I know the vast majority of it very well at this point. I likely would start in April and mostly concentrate on AM papers while brushing up on the material. Do not want to devote any more than 100-150 hours to it. It may be a waste of ~$800 but putting in another 250+ hours is just no longer worth it IMO.

2nd attempt, was a band 9 last year. On the fence, band 10 or pass I reckon this time around.

Would re-take next year…

The June 2015 exam was my first attempt at L3. I passed the first two on the first tries. Just curious, do you all think that the pass rate is lower on L3 for first-time takers? If so, do you think the difference in pass rates for first-timers and repeaters is significant? I felt much better walking out of L3 than I did L2, but I still feel like going 3 for 3 is wishful thinking

2nd attempt this year. got hammered with band 4 last year

This was my 2nd attempt, my first attempt was in 2013 where i expected Band 8-10 but got Band 2

Thi attempt was definitely better but i can’t predict anything at the moment.

Thus, the result in itself does not mean much to me as i will not be attempting further. The only thing is to post the results here (if its a Band 10)

3rd attempt, and I put so much time on it this time, I think I should pass this time, and I don’t think I would try again if I fail this time, because I don’t think I could get anything better by trying one more time.

2nd attempt band 5 last year; This year I got band 4. I did good in morning session. But surprised to see below 50 in 9 in morning.

if fail: I will take next attempt untill i pass. It takes tremendous efforts to reach to level 3. Why give up and when so many people in level 1 and level 2 are making great efforts to reach level 3.

How didi you guys got band 2 and 4? Please tell me you didn’t study at all and left 50% of AM blank…

This is my first attempt and I think I’m failing…You’re scaring me

2nd try… I will do it again if I failed - it will become my sad hobby :stuck_out_tongue: