Retaker... any advices from you guys ?

I have just finished to read and take notes on all the curriculum. I feel a bit lost as i don t have the impression to have mastered the content and don t remember what i started to read 3-4 months ago.

Questions are :

1)would you recommend to read again through the books or do you consider that doing only exercices is the best way to go at this point in time ?

  1. if exercices, are the end of SS by schweser useful or better directly go to exam practice ?

Many thanks for your precious help.


My opinion as one who failed and then worked hard to ensure it didn’t happen again the following year is: don’t even consider taking any shortcuts unless you want to fail again. Read everything in the books as though it’s the first time you are seeing it, do the problems in the books. The only way to retain the material is to go through it several times. you MUST master this and be able to retain it on the exam. It will be easier going through the material the second time, and even easier the third.

Thks doubledip. Actually that is my first time for level 3. Maybe was not explicit enough… Your advices are good anyway.

Do Eocs and blue blue box examples. leave the exams till the last 2,3 weeks.