Retaker (Level 3): Practice tests and additional questions


I’ll be rewriting in June 2014. I have used CFAI EOC and blue box questions, CFAI exams (2008-2013) and Schweser practice exams (did all twice, so now remember the answers). While I’ll redo them, I’m still looking for extra questions/ practice tests, that I don’t remember.

What could be the additional source of practice tests and questions? Also, if you could mention only the the ones that you have used and have found really useful.


Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier - I just posted the same thing. Schweser practice sets can be sold separately from their package for $150 each (each contains 3) but that’s kinda excessive at least for me.

You know the problem now is that l3 has a lot of luck factor built into it by that I mean studying more/harder isn’t going to guarantee anything you might even do worse depending on the AM session (l1 & l2 is all about actual knowledge so it’s black-and-white). Apparently you committed a lot this time around already. I am just not convinced that doing another 20, 30 practice sets will do us any good.