Retaker Schedule - 2014

Re-taking L3 for the first time. My approach has been to drill into the CFAI areas I did poorly last year (done) and now focus primarily on reviewing my notes from last year in areas I performed “well”. In my “focused” sessions I read and took notes on 6 SS’s I failed and did all CFAI questions right after in detail. Best I could do I figure.

Having trouble with retention as I have a demanding job (not today) as well. Despite “learning” the material, its still hard to recall small details on the fly 1 month later. Horror stories of people re-taking 3 times is driving me forward.

What do you guys think of my approach and is it realistic? Options for the review phase include:

  1. Review last year’s personal Scheweiser notes and do Scheweiser questions

  2. Review last year’s personal Scheweiser notes and do CFAI questions

  3. Review last year’s personal Scheweiser notes in one bulk phase and then do QBank questions

  4. Review someone else’s notes (friend who passed) and do CFAI/Scheweiser questions

Which one? Do I seem on schedule?

Thinking the rest of Feb and March will be on reviewing the chapters I did fine in… (ie. 2 evenings/weekend days each) then a round of review in April and then mocks in May.