Retaker study strategy

I am retaking lvl 2 this June. What strategy do you recommend me to use/what are retakers doing this time around? I used exclusively Schweser last time and mock exams. This time I’ll go over Schweser readings and do the corresponding CFAI end of chapter questions. Will do mock exams closer to the date as well.

I recommend doing Elan Guides and Videos! This is what I am doing with CFAI readings. Feel a lot more confident already.

Retaker here. I only did Schweser last time around but didn’t even have enough time left for mock exams. Haven’t started studying yet still devising a strategy.

L2 retaker here too, I’m studying the things I did worse on first. I used CFAI last year, worked all the EOC’s once, but didn’t have time for mocks. This time I’m heading straight to the problems first, and try to leave 3 weeks for mocks.

Another retaker here from last year with a band 9 score in '13. Just started studying and plan to complete the entire material by end of April (i.e. in about 4 months). Will do practice questions/exams throughout May.

Another L2 retaker here. Failed at band 9 last time. Just started studying and plan to practice as many mock questions as possible. Any suggestion where to find more questions?

Elan guides! They have an amazing qbank! IMO