Retakers: 2010 Mock vs. Actual exam?

How close or different is the mock exam vs. the afternoon of the actual exam? Just curious as to the difficulty, and by how much the gap is.

I felt like it mirrored pretty well the level of difficultly of the 2009 p.m. part just one person’s opinion

I agree, the PM mock was very similar to the actual PM from last year. Except (and there always is one) the Ethics last year was more tricky.

in terms of difficulty? or the actual content?

Seemed much easier to me- hope that’s a good sign.

What do you guys think the reason you were not able to touch passing score if exam was that fair? Did AM session let you down or just pressure of the exam day?

The PM was ok for me and similar to the difficulty of the mock. I actually walked out thinking the exam was fair, except the score indicated otherwise…hahaha I got hit in the am…just gave up too many points on the IPS and little points here and there. Have not redone the '09 am yet…hesistant to relive it.

Did you see much correlation between concepts tested on the mock and sample vs the real PM exam?