Retakers: 2010 vs 2009 Schweser Practice exams

I’ve heard that the 2009 Schweser Practice exams were much easier than the real deal. So did Schweser make it better in 2010 or they still use the same questions as 2009. Do you think 2010 version is hard enough compared to the 2009 actual exam? Thanks a lot!

they recycled a lot of the problems and added some stuff in there.

This is the problem I’m having. I thought they would add new material and so bought the 2010 notes and just started all the practice exams yesterday and I cannot see any differences from the 2009. I’m scoring in the 70’s with a little cheating looking up the odd formula but I actually remember a lot of the questions from last year, so not sure how good these results actually are. I think it’s rediculous - they should change this stuff yearly.

Too bad. I nailed the practice exams and I have zero confidence. Do you guys know any mock exam out there that’s highly representative for the real exam? And please don’t say the CFAI mock.

Just done the exam 3, book 7 and my brain is fried right now. Please tell me the actual one is not much harder than it…