Retakers - 2011 curriculum

I looked through the comparison between 2010 and 2011 LOS (i forget the link but it’s that site that breaks down the differences in detail) It looks to me like the only part of the curriculum that has any real change is the economics chapter in Study Session 7. the rest of the LOS differences look like minor re-wordings in the LOS, and therefore, i’m guessing, no real changes in the actual material. Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone looked at this in enough detail to know yet? Thanks.

Link doesn’t work correctly.

I have gone through the link. I think there are changes in the GIPS also.

2010 GIPS are also new. Terribly redacted by the way.

Yeah Equiv, What’s up with GIPS? Looks the same but once you get in the text, the Standards are in a different number order than last year & there is no list of the standards in the text, it just highlights certain ones. I don’t know if that is a gift the test prep providers, to require people purchase new materials, or if they are trying to catch retakers napping. Either way, I think it is worth taking the time to read GIPS Reading #48.