retakers 2014

Lets do it guys… Lets kill ths b&@# !!

I am not even motivated. :-(…seriously…I thught I did well on AM .Are you gonna start right away ? I was thinking to write GMAT in next 3-4 months and then start . But not sure yet…No energy to read all again for another year.

devastated … already sat thru 4 exams - how much more can i take. Thought would pass on 1st attempt on L3 … but noooo … totally frustrated right now.

4 exams?

meant L1, L2 twice, and L3 failed.

4 for me as well. failed L3 twice…really frustrated. i am much better with black-and-white type of questions like multiple choice.

If you already read the material and kept half-decent notes, then it should mainly be a thorough review plus LOTS of practice problems / essays.

I will focus on my weak parts and I should mention that i HATE GIPS … they just tested the part which i skipped while studying GIPS… bah … but im not a quitter…

I really need to focus on Essay Types. Had 8 questions <50.

I was so pissed when I saw they double the weight of Alt investments on the PM. That did me in, especially when I changed a few first instinct answers to the wrong one

Left the exam thinking I was going to just squeak by, was shocked to find I was a band 3. In hind sight I had way way too much on my plate (started new job, friends wedding one week before exam, etc.) and I underestimated the difficulty. I didn’t do any practice exams, but I hadn’t for L2 and somehow passed. This is the first time I’ve failed at something important and it’s a weird feeling. I can’t wait to take it again but I hate the fact that we have to wait 10 months. I’m gonna start studying tomorrow for it because I don’t want to go through this again.

I feel exactly the same. No energy left for CFA. Sacrificed so much and then not get it? The fact that its Band 10 adds to the pain. So damn “close, but no cigar”.

yeah … bit of same boat, new job interviews, house purchase right week of the exam (took the key actually around 11:00 pm before the exam day) … but excuses are there. Did feel the bitter taste when i first failed L2 (didn’t prepare well … but thought could pass). Didn’t think i’ll repeat same mistake again … but it happened. Crammed near last two months - but didn’t do pratice exam. Thought i passed … but AM section killed me - band 7. Just too much to think about it retake now … another 300+ hours of studying … not sure if i can take it (although on flip side, can look at it as already reading through all materails few times … and having head start - but tooo depressed to come up with any positive now)

i hate portfolio management for individuals, i don’t know why, i thought i did well and i still got below 50%!!!

it’s frustrating to do poorly on such a trivial topic, how difficult is it to put “long time horizon, 3 stages… etc”?

i’d rather do poorly in alternative investment or soemthing (eventhough ironically i think i got over 70% on that when i passed), at least it’s something i’m less confident on!