Retakers, did you pass? Please share your experience here

If you did, what have you done differently this time?

if you did not, what do you plan to do differently next time?

Passed, studied with Kids of 1.6 years

  • Focus on Practice from CFA Questions (EOC & BB) ( 2 times), irrespective from which book you study
  • Segregate past 8-10 AM & Mock exams Topic wise, and practice more for higher weigh areas and your weak areas
  • Focus on Practice mainly as solving all questions from Past Mock will clear concepts and then try to read CFAI Summary and see important topics, try to cover those topics well
  • Focus more on PM exam as AM is not guaranteed, just try to finish AM with 95 % questions attempted and writing key points
  • Divide your time 80 % Practice and 20 % for reading key concepts not covered through questions.
  • You already knew the material so dont waste time reading it more
  • Revise key concepts and Formula in commuting or Lunch time in Office

I did not pass as a re-taker.

1st Time I thought ok I could have studied harder I know that. The Essay section I was one of the people who wrote paragraphs and missed like 2 whole questions.

2nd Time I studied really hard, but got killed in the essay using bullet points. (I did worse on the essay this time than the last time) Multiple Choice section I absolutely crushed it. Everything 70%+

This time I plan to do what I did last time, with the addition of having someone else look at my essay mocks to provide feedback. There is obviously some type of disconnect between what I thought was the right answer and what the grader was looking for. Once I can identify and get some feedback on that I can focus on doing my AM mocks that way.

TLDR: Doesn’t help to do 15 mock exams if you aren’t grading it correctly.