Retakers get 50% off from Schweser

Hey just wanted to spread the word that if you used the premium packages/products for the CFA 2 2008 exam, and failed, you can get 50% off for cfa 2 2009. “If you were a Kaplan Schweser customer who purchased a Schweser Study Notes Pack, Essential Solution, or Premium Solution for the June 2008 CFA Exam and will be repeating the same Level in 2009, you are eligible to receive Schweser PassProtection™ for the 2009 CFA Exam. To participate in this offer, please call to speak with a Customer Service Representative.” There were some confusion before on my previous post about people calling in and being denied, but I just sent an email to schweser and was confirmed yes…see below. Hello Kelly, Since you purchased the Premium for the 2008 exam period, you would be eligible for 50% off the retail price of the Premium Solution for the 2009 season. All discounts are off the retail price and discounts can not be combined. Thank you

Thanks for that. I looked around the time I failed and didn’t really see anything for L2 folks. I’ll definitely get in on that deal. I thought the two practice exam books were the most beneficial to my studying. The notes were decent, too.