retakers: how hard was GIPS last year(s)

just seeing if you really need to go through the nitty gritty. also, were there any calculations in terms of dietz, composite cash weighted returns, real estate?

just memorize it all man… as much of a pain as this stuff is, if you see a calc for income return you should be jumping for joy with how easy it is if you know the formula… i fully plan on forgetting all of it at 5:01 PM on june 5… but if you memorize it all it should be easy points on the exam…

i’m a multi-year test taker, so take it with a grain of salt, but my take is that gips is kind of a freebie. in years past, it hasn’t been that difficult - very high level stuff to nail 10% of the exam. they might give you a snapshot of their returns, some language at the bottom, and maybe a vigenette to go with it. you’ll have to pick up what is wrong with the returns, the disclosures, and story. that’s what i’m hoping for … now if they ask some real estate question, i’m like a turtle on it’s back.

what’s the best approach for studying gips? I haven’t had a look at it yet… best bet is to just go through schweser and memorize each bullet pt? or better off w/CFAI reading on this?

I haven’t touched schweser since 2002, so no advice here. the eoc stuff out of the books is NOT bad, and some of them are previous years exam questions.

2002? how many times have you taken each level? seems like a sign to use schweser :slight_smile:

don’t ask, and there are plenty of retakers here.