retakers: mock exams reflect actual exam?

man, i’ve been taking the mocks (PM item sets) and getting killed. was last year’s PM just as difficult as last year’s mock? if so, im in trouble!

Im getting frustrated too. Im barely scoring 55% and i find CFAI mocks easier than Schweser. Schweser is really weird, they totally focus on their notes and its way different than CFAI samples/mock …

That’s my opinion…

by mocks i mean the CFAI mocks…schweser’s mocks are tought, but i dunno, i find the CFAI ones trickier. sigh…

you mean PM mocks i presume

all i know is that last year the PM was harder than the AM (IMO)

Frustrating :frowning:

bump… i wanna hear from retakers por favor!

I’m completely the opposite of everyone else - I did well in the PM and got smoked in the AM. Maybe that’s why I was so good at Level 1 and 2!

Re took and passed last year, sailed through 1 and 2. Mocks were generally harder, but the test is more likely to have something obscure. Remember exam prep is to prepare you, so generally it’s nothing off the wall. You will be tested on concepts you should know but it won’t be as absurd as Schweser book 2 exams, which have astonishing detail that help you train. So you’ll be cruising and get whacked with some weird something or other. Roll with it. General advice- fight to not get murdered in the AM. This is Rocky V. In the morning they have you playing their game…essays. Something new that is hard to train for. Don’t get knocked out. But in the afternoon just like Rocky fighting Tommy Gunn… you get to fight your fight, one you have won twice already. Survive morning, smash the afternoon. You guys are right there. Get after that and remember mocks are only to remind you how to punch the afternoon session in the balls. It’ns just training don’t let it get on top of you.

^ this is gold

haha I enjoy the Rock analogy thanks! Where are you finding these CFAI Mocks? I have only been able to find the one from this year…

PM was worse last year to me than AM.

I repeat L3 Once’s Q, is ther ea place to get multiple PM mocks? Anyone have old copies? I thought ther eis the one and only on the CFAI site.

Ppl should have previous mocks here in this forum. Somebody come up m help.

all this thread made me want to do was watch Rocky V… as for the PM, I’m averaging low 70s… which in level 2 was ok, but given that it’s not 2 sessions of problem sets and AM could be so random, I’m worried too…

Ok, all this talk about last year PM harder than AM makes all the sense to me.

Because I practiced last year’s AM and totally blew it away thinking it was way too easy. So I guess PM was the bomb

Structurally speaking. I think CFAI need to make the essay portion easier and multiple choice harder. there is some subjectivity with answering AM. there is not with PM. if you are going to weight 1 section as difficult, it should be the PM.