Retakers who passed this time around

What did you do differently or what do you attribute the turn around to? I got Band 7. I read only Schweser and from CFAI books did Ethics and EOC Q. I didn’t have time to do any Schweser exams but did all CFAI mocks, samples and exams since 2007. As expected and despite lots of practice, I get killed on Individual IPS. Thanks in advance.

I worked on my handwriting and taught myself how to write legibly and quickly, as the 1st time I took it my handwriting became illegible when I was short on time in the AM. I also worked the old exams/mock exams and both Schweser and Stalla practice exams. For me it was helpful to go through some relevant old exams after I studied a study session so I could apply what I learned. Another thing I did was create notecards summarizing in my own words every LOS or having an example of how to do the calculation. There was a huge difference between reading and thinking I understood what I read and applying it to the questions

I’m not a retaker, but I would seriously consider the Creighton University Boot Camp for L3…I did it this time around and they focus hard core on the morning session, particularly the individual IPS. I honestly feel that I would have probably been lost on that part had I not taken the program. Including air and hotel, it is a little pricey, but well worth it.