retakers: will we have enough space to write?

some of the derivatives and fsa problems require a lot of writing. will we be ok with writing space?

time is no tight at all…

thanks for the reply, coshair. but i think you misunderstood. i meant is there enough writing space as in enough space on the exam paper to write on.

I am not a retaker but I guess that writing space + time will be the least of our worries.

I took the mock exam and there was enough writing space on it.

you got a point there MMI. i need to focus…

you’ll have plenty of space to write down your calculations. Its much less calculation intensive than schweser exam books… much much less. I didn’t use my calculator that much.

It is less calculation-intensive than Schweser… but, is the exam less calculation intensive than the CFAI EOCs?

There weren’t a lot of questions that required the calculator. I Some of the CFAI EOCs (like the Swaps) were crazy calculation. I would say to use the CFA sample mock as your guideline.