Just curious to know for the retakers, what were you scoring on your mocks last time you took the exam?

80s -> Band 9

you were scoring in the 80s on mocks but you failed? why does it say you are a level i candidate? i am referring to level ii

Yep :confused:

I haven’t updated my profile. See you tomorrow and good luck!

i think im gonna have to call BS…80% on mocks and you failed? What were the extenuating circumstances?

As for me, I also failed band 9…scored 55, 58 and 60 on the 3 mocks I took.

This year, i have taken 3.5 schweser mocks: 55, 69, 76 (with the 55 hopefully being the outlier) and have completed every single topic test for an aggregate score of 304/450 (67%). For the record, I found the TTs to be very difficult and was continuously surprised to see “4/6” at the top of the screen.

I took half a mock last night, and frankly was a little rattled by my 40/60. It was largely due to a 1/6 i got on Alternatives (4 friggin commodity questions in a row!).

I keep telling myself that a 66% is a clear pass, which frankly, it is…but like…I cant say with absolute confidence that ill pass

I am in the same boat as you… i am band 8 retaker.

But last year, i wasnt that prepared with quant and portfolio management and i sucked in the economics currency arbitrage. But i have worked on all those fronts this year. Did all the topic test than compared to last year i had done 30%.

I am still not scoring that high in mocks but lets see what happens…

All the best to everyone!!!

3rd Time retaker.

2015- Band 5

2016 - Band 9

Praying that I get over the line this time around :slight_smile:

First time retaker,

last year I was scoring aroung 65-67% on mocks (did only 3). Failed band 10.

This year I was scoring around 70% (did 6 Moks), but I am not so happy although I found the exam to be fair and quite easy: I already counted around 4-5 stupid errors I did in the exam…

This further enhances my view that the MPS for level 2 is around the 68-70 mark

Last year I scored in the 50s on all the Schweser mocks I took and scored a 57 on the CFAI Mock exam, failed Band 6. This year took 3 Schweser mocks scored between 62-70 and scored 65 on the CFAI mock exam. I spent the majority of my time doing the topic tests (did every one at least 3x).

2016 band 10 retaker…im either band 10 again or I pass this time…failed ethics last time round…

Can you post your score matrix? would love to have a look at it please



Max Pts




Alternative Investments



Corporate Finance









Equity Investments



Ethical & Professional Standards



Financial Reporting & Analysis



Fixed Income Investments



Portfolio Management



Quantitative Methods



if your ethic was in mid range, then you could have passed

Band 3 the first time. Band 6 the second. This year, mocks were between 55% and 65% – I did 7. Im certain I failed as I got crushed on FI and Derivatives. Ethics helps me get a bump (I usually score between 70 and 90 percent), but this year I was stunned by the questions. 66% Ethics score would be a victory. There’s no way I scored above 63% overall.

I was Band 5 first time, last year, Band 9, taking only took 3 CFAI mocs. Last year, passed FI and EQ, but failed FRA, so that sunk me. I think this year’s exam was comparable to last year, except FI was much harder for some reason, and sure I failed it. But this year, I feel like I did pretty well on FRA, EQ, and CF so that may help. It will be a close call either way. I did 6 Kaplan mocks, and 1 CFA this time.

Last year I got in Band 8 and I believe on the CFAI mock I got a 57 or 58 (can’t find it to tell exactly). Based on the results of the exam, I think I got about that on the real thing. This year I got a 66 on the CFAI mock (should’ve been 70 if not for a few boneheaded mistakes) and feel good about how I did on the test. If the MPS is about 63-65 and I did as good as I did on the mock, then I think I’m good…

ikr… that is why this exam matters much more to me than last year attempt. Having did like 9 mocks + all the topical questions in CFAI website, I certainly feel much prepared. I will really recommend everyone to do the topical questions in the CFAI website for the guys taking the exam! Tough and close to exam standard!

Band 6 last year. Put in a lot more time drilling through the questions this time around.

Scored low 60, mid 60 and low 70 on schweser volume 1, then high 50 on CFA mock.

I think I am band 8 or 9 this time around…

Why so pessimistic? To me it looks as though your mock scores have improved gradually and to be fair your last Schweser score is the most relevant one (because if you had done the other two Schweser mocks again, you`d have probably scored higher than low 60s.

I would not place much emphasis on the CFA I mock score. In my opinion, it was very different from the real exam.

Same goes for topic tests scores. They are certainly a great tool to reinforce certain concepts, but not representative of the real exam.

How did you feel about the exam? I do not see why you could not pass with such decent mock scores. You definitely have a good chance.