Retaking in June?


I just got my result and it said band 9!

I know most of us do, but I really hated the time I spent preparing for the exam specially in light of work life balance. If I had got a band 5 or something, I surely wouldnt have thought about it. But I am really confused if I should spend the next six months hating my life? whats your plan?

Failed today. Band 8. But most definitely taking it again in June. Because I liked what I studied and I just cannot give up after 1 failure. I had absolutely zero background in finance, working on full time job and this was my first attempt, so I am quite glad I came atleast this far. Will nail it next time around ! You definitely have a pretty good chance of passing it in June, since you too like me have missed the cut this time by pretty narrow margin. So if you liked the curriculam, and still think that benifits getting Charter is worth it in comparison of time you spend getting it, then I don’t see any reason why you should be backing off.

Failed,Scored Band 9 . But I was not expecting this result , was very confident after the exam and donno where things went wrong and had zero background in Finance. Gearing up for June.

Have anyone of you guys considered taking it in Dec 2013 instead of June? You might just have enough time to really NAIL it, either way you can sit for L2 in June 2014 provided you ace it in Dec. Now that being said, if Godforbid you can’t make it in June then the whole ideal should be dropped entirely and might pursue something else in life. Posted the same in other thread, thought I’d post it here as well.

Failed Band 10… I really want to go for June 2013 while its still relatively fresh.

If I’m going to shoot for Level 2 in June 2014, I want the whole year to study for it, definitely don’t want to cram for Level 2 in 6 months, that’s just not going to happen for me.

Then again I still need to pass Level 1 so who knows…

If you realistically have a plan to go for it in June then you definitely should! I plan my schedule week by week, you effectively have 17 weeks from now on. Band 10 is close. You can brush it all up and practice as hard as you can. Good luck!!

Good luck with it for the next time.

I have a finance background, I could not finish the whole syllabus even once. I lost it in economics and Quants(where I needed some practise). My main issue is, I dint gain much from studying this, as I know most of the high level concepts, and most of what I dont know may be too detailed. I might learn a lot from Level 2 and 3. But I need to nail level 1 for it first.

If i take it up in June again, I am sure I can get through it. But I am still undecided. I might leave it for a couple of days and then think again.

I’m just trying to evaluate the worth of the charter against the amount of effort needed (an opportunity cost analysis if you like). I know at an early stage in career, when there isnt much experience to fall back on, a charter says a lot. This is what made me take it up in the first place. But, after I took it, for the 6 months, I had no life, I cribbed almost everyday, couldnt enjoy a guilt free day off. Not that I dont like studying, I loved studying my masters, and would do it again… But certainly did not enjoy working and studying the same time…