Retaking Level 1. New Section???

hi gang, I failed Level in June 2010. I took classes with the CFA LA group and Schwesser notes. I was generally avg. about 73-74 on my mocks. Anyways I got a band 10 with less than 50% in corp. finance. I got > 70% in equities, ethics and FRA.

Anyways I’m wondering if I should retake it since I’ve been out of the game so long? The material seems really tough? Any advice from other retakers? Are you guys using Schwesser, Elan? Also what’s with this new section Markets and Indicies? It’s not on the list of Study Session on the CFAI website. but if you go into the combined study session list it’s there?

I would retake and start reading CFAI books and do all EOC questions, then jump on Q-bank and do 6 practice tests. How were the CFA live classes? I’m debating signing up for the online classes for L-2. But I did ok on L-1 by just reading the books, not sure if lectures add anything?

To me, the thing I got the most out of the lectures was the discipline of going to the classes. If you’ve done finance before in school or work you should be able to understand most of the concepts in the Schwesser book so the live instruction doesn’t help all that much.