Retention problem...

I am seriously getting worried and scared. I’m on Equity Invts now and will probably finish Schweser books in a month, also reading through CFA text (mostly topics that arent so straightforward). Then I plan to review the material. I averaged 80-85% on Qbank while doing my readings but last night I went back and did Qbank on Econ and got 55%!!! I’m seriously scared! How can my brain forget so much in a matter of a few months?! It would really suck to fail again, I’d be crushed. How are you guys doing with your review? Anyone feel that they already forgot econ, fsa?

IVC, don’t worry about retention. It always seems as if you forget everything but as long as you focus on understanding main concepts they will come back to you. When you are done with going through the material use Secret Sauce (Schweser) to review main concepts and go through sample exams and Q-bank. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much you will remember on exam day.

dude … i think you are doing fine. So far I have done 10% of FRA and I still feel I have enough time.

Don’t worry you still have sufficient time to revise…Once you complete your course…do a good revision ,and while revising also do the problems given at the back side of notes and CFA material…once revision is complete attempt the tests ,that will be enough…but do read the entire material and in detail.

you’re toast…you should have been doing cumulative reviews every week to keep it all fresh

look at it the other way round – without even starting your revision/cramming you have remembered more than half the material. all you need is another 15 percent to pass, and you still have months before the exam. i wouldn’t be stressing if i was you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies, guys! Starting my review in a month… that should be interesting! :slight_smile: Good luck to all!

I haven’t even started reading the materials and I feel like I have enough time. Don’t worry! You are doing fine, just relax and enjoy the process!