Retention Tips

Right now I’m wondering how you guys deal with the volume of readings we have to go through. Despite some ok scores (mostly 73-75%) I kept going back through some materials that just don’t stick. I imagine myself forgetting some on the exam date under the pressure.

I need to do some more readings, or just relax. Maybe it’s just the way it is, that not everthing can be studied?

For me it’s exactly the same (the same scores with sometimes also around the 80% and a few times around 67%).

I think it depends a lot on the kind of question you will get on the exam. For example with the Schweser Mock exams I am normally quite good on equities (around 90-95%) and when I took the CFA Mock exam I had a bad result (50%) and I noticed the questions where very different (more conceptual and nothing to calculate).

I think at a some point it’s also good to relax and I would like to avoid to get tired and stressed on the exam day.

I think that’s normal. You’re scores are where you need them to be, but that doen’t mean you should slack. Keep doing questions, and reviewing those questions (you should mark the questions you guess on that way you don’t miss it when reviewing your incorrect answers in the case you happened to guess correctly). Also, read the chapters you’re weak on, I read the material about 4 times. And, memorize formulas, schweser has a great list of formulas at the back of each book. Good luck, only 3 more weeks of hard work and you should be set!

I’ve been planning to take the CFA mock prior to the exam but I realized It would be best to start answering those already. Hearing from yo uguys, I’ve always thought Schweser Mock was as difficult as the CFA Mock.

Man, 3 more weeks, hope everyone gets the results they deserve.