Reviewing FRA don’t recall much despite having put in the time to read and understand the concepts recall reading intercorp,pension etc but its all too hazy. right now I haven’t completed quants,parts of PM,struggling with cross rates and parity .in short grossly under prepared .studying hard and hoping to put up a semblance of a fight on June 5th. No excuses for my current state. just didn’t study as much as I should have .let’s see what happens.

I shall be inventive when answering inventory. My stay with long lived assets will be short lived.shall exit enter corporate. Investment.I feel under compensated in share based comp and I am completely lost in FC translation .the lesson on evaluating quality has already been Learnt and forgotten and my brain has already integrated the techniques of analysing into nothingness.

And yes pension accounting is nothing but tension accounting.

In terms of difficulty, Intercorporate FSA is tougher than pensions and foreign currency. Thats because there is quite a bit of intuition behind pensions and FC . Intercorporate OTTH is a whole pyramid of ad hoc rules created by accountants without any logic whatsoever.

CAM !!!

Agreed .why should we suffer cos a bunch of guys couldn’t agree on accounting Treatment. And what’s CAM

Intercorporate investments is BRUTAL!!! there are myraid differences between US gaap and IFRS, and rest assured cfai loves to atleastaks 2-4 questions that’ll talk about GAAP vs IFRS. I have put together a spreadsheet of differences but its INSANE, partly cuz in the book 80% of the differences are explained using words, not examples. Sometimes I dont’ even understand what Fair value is, what Cost is, what carrying value is, what lower of cost is, what historical cost is, what book value is and list goes on. f’king natzzi.

I thought i aced portfolio managemnt about 14 days ago. today I came back to review it and boy oh boy… talk about retention

i thot i have mastered derivatives but im back at 4/6 after a few days :S