Retroactive accumulation of CFA hours in a securities firm?

I am considering enroling for Level I this monday. According to the CFA web site, you need 4 years of acceptable professional work experience. Although it seems blatantly clear from the below, I just wanted to confirm that I am understanding correctly. If I enrol in the CFA L1 program, I can claim my past jobs (finance related) towards the 48 months? "How much work experience do I need? Four years (48 months) of acceptable professional work experience are required for regular membership. This experience may be accrued while you’re in the CFA Program, after you’ve passed all three exam levels, or from previous positions. Just remember that you must be a regular member to be eligible for the CFA charter. "

Depends on what you call “finance related”. If your workstation was or is near the printer/photocopier it may not qualify.

Yes, if you have appropriate work experience that you did before you started the CFA program, you can count it toward the Charter’s experience requirement. The experience does have to be directly connected to the investment process (analyzing securities or the portfolio decision making process, or teaching such activities. I believe performance analysis counts too).